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New version 1.1.8 of SatXmlEditor released. The main novelties are the ability to select multiple items in the transponder table and the ability to copy / paste transponders via the windows clipboard. You can download the program here. You can find an updated article about the program here.


You can download Satellites.xml version 1.0.7 here.


I wrote a program to edit the Satellites.xml file. I hope it will be easier to use than manually rewriting in a text editor. You can find a basic description in this article. You can download the program here.


It turns out that powering the Norsat 3220 LNB for C-band from a satellite receiver can be problematic. Details can be found in the second appendix at the end of the article  about the reduction for the attachment of Corotor Chaparral


I picked up the first C-band signal today. I added the details as an appendix at the end of the article on the design of the reducer for the C-band.


Today I started a new Files for download section and in it I put everything about 3D printing of the C-band reducer as the first data.


Added an article on the design of the reduction, allowing the use of equipment for C-band. Here you will find a drawing, 3D model and photos of the installed reduction.


I have finished moving this site to the new content management system. Thank you to all visitors for your patience and understanding.


I repeated the signal strength measurement from the position of 28.2°E during 24 hours. I measured the new transponder in a DVB-S2 system with BBC Red Button 1 HD. I performed the measurements 7 days in a row so that it was possible to assess the effect of the current weather on the receptivity of the said transponder.  You can find the measurement results in seven charts here.  


Added testing of SMW XD12 professional depolarizer. You can find the results in the second half of the article.  


The first attempts to change the system for receiving linear polarization to the possibility of receiving circular polarization by supplementing the waveguide with a polarizing plate.  You can find the result of the experiment here. 


Added article on modification of "normal" LNB to flanged. In addition, a table of measured signal strength values to assess success. You can find everything here.


The article on the measurement of the course of the signal strength of the Astra 2E satellite at the position of 28.2°E in a time range of 24 hours has been supplemented by an addendum with a second measurement. You can find the new graph in the original article at the end of it here.


Added an article about the measurement of the course of the signal strength of the Astra 2E satellite at the position of 28.2°E in a time range of 24 hours. I measured the signal strength of the Freesport HD program in minute intervals. You can find the resulting graph here.


I prepared an overview of the signal strength of individual transponders at the position 28.2° E. I conducted the survey today from 15:00 to 15:35 Central European Time. You can find the results here.


I started thinking about the design of a device for rotating an LNB - setting SKEW. I described the initial state here.


Added an article on the Orientation of the offset dish rotated by 90 ° with consideration of why elevations do not agree.


Added article on receive from position 26.0 ° E.


I have created a discussion forum about satellite reception for you. There is more space than just comments on my blogs. I wonder if he will take it.


Article in the menu Attempts at amateur water cooling of LNB. And if it was for anything.


Commissioning, The Following Days - Receipt details 28,2 ° E Astra 2E, 2F, 2G

Commissioning, The Second Day - Continued

Commissioning, The First Day - Description of the first attempts to capture the signal with the Laminas 2700 dish. And how long it took.


Parameters - Added an article about the properties of the used Laminas 2700 dish and its accessories. And how I solved its attachment to the EGIS positioner.


Theory - Added an article on the theory of satellite reception and why some enthusiasts buy large satellite dishes.


Purchase - An article about how I bought a big dish.


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